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Name: Xellos

From: Slayers

Appearance: Phttp://24.media.tumblr.com/de1169a3dc12078a2992d9451cbcf145/tumblr_mh9npfHr521rizzsro1_500.jpg

Age: 1500 and then some

Gender: Technically genderless, but presents as male.

Personality: Xellos is and will always be a trickster. His intentions are usually unreadable, and he may either help or hinder the people he is ‘working’ with at any given time. He can’t always be placed as a villain, but he certainly isn’t a good guy either. It all depends on what his ultimate goal happens to be at the time, and if that goal involves helping the ‘good guys’, then he’ll do it without batting an eye, all the while making sure that the other side isn’t harboring some lovely necessities that he could peddle his services for. He is self-serving with loyalties only towards his master, arrogant, highly intelligent, somewhat sadomasochistic, and obnoxious as all holy hell.

That being said, Xellos is normally very polite, addressing those he knows and meets with the title Miss or Mister. He initially comes off as eccentric and a touch ‘off’, but otherwise seemingly friendly and more or less harmless; chock full of stories and apparently ‘useful’ information that he is more than willing to share… to an extent, at least. He takes a great deal of enjoyment out of withholding information more than he does sharing it, and it can be said that he gives out said information for the sole purpose of leaving out some of the best bits and watching the offended party rage about it. He doesn’t even usually have to work that hard to get his targets cross, as he usually likes picking out the ones that are the easiest to piss off in the first place.

Not only does he do this to enjoy a bit of rage, he seems to like intentionally leading people on wild goose chases with his information. Not to say that the information is wrong. Just misleading merely by merit of omission, leaving people to concoct their own conclusions and form their own opinions. Which more often than not leads people to inspecting towers haunted by sentient puppets, engaging in magical, highly dangerous tennis and dressing in very convincing drag, all because Xellos implied that there might be something shiny in the end. When it comes to fully explaining anything, or answering personal questions about himself, the monster simply answers with “That is a secret”, and tends to leave it at that, much to the chagrin of any poor fool who asked the question in the first place. One of his titles is “The Mysterious Priest” for a very good reason: Xellos loves his secrets, and more than that, he loves lording said secrets over the unfortunates who come to rely on his help.

Why would he even bother to do this? Well, partially to absorb the negative emotions that usually come spilling out after one finds out that that they spent forty days and forty nights digging under an old oak tree for the mystical and magical equivalent of a box of dingdongs and a Cracker Jack prize. The main reason he leads people astray, however, is to guide them away from whatever the hell they were looking for before, or to use them as the go-fors for his own personal interests. He dislikes getting his hands dirty, and prefers to let others do all the actual heavy labor for him, perhaps even answer a few questions for him while they’re at it, all without the aforementioned party ever finding out that he was using them the whole time. He’s not exactly lazy, just easily bored and this is his definition of a good time. He is motivated usually by orders or hunger, but if left to his own devices, boredom and curiosity come into play and he will entertain himself by, say, causing a small scale riot when a certain cadre of friends stroll into town with well-placed frogs, information dropping and teleportation.

On that note, Xellos also rather dislikes getting into fights. He has, after all, spent a lot of time perfecting his friendly, polite, harmless and obnoxious image. Getting into a scrap tends to ruin that image pretty quickly, especially when one of the feats Xellos is best known for is blowing up a clan of dragons all by himself. He will usually tend towards fleeing rather than fighting, and is completely unfazed by insults regarding his bravery, manhood, the lilliness of his liver and so on. He seemingly has no issue with shirking all responsibility involving fights that he himself helped start, teleporting out to leave any other unfortunate people who associate with him at the mercy of the opposing, pissed off force. Indeed, he’s been called out on this before, responding to “you’re just running away?!” with “you could put it that way, yes.” He honestly does not care, and has very little to prove to anyone. It takes a lot more than being called a chicken to hurt his pride.

If he is forced into a battle however, the results are usually not very pretty. See, Xellos doesn’t much care about anyone, and if he is left with no choice but to fight, he doesn’t feel even a little bit of pity towards the person who put him in the position. He is well known in the monster world and among dragons for being ruthless, cruel and above all, powerful. The monster takes a great deal of preening glee out of torturing his opponents both physically and mentally, mocking them as he cuts them apart and impales them. He does it without the slightest bit of remorse, but ultimately would have preferred not to have been brought to such a point. He actually has quite an impressive amount of patience, and tolerates almost all levels of name calling and personal threats. He’s weathered being called insane, fresh garbage, creepy, obnoxious and nosey, as well as tolerated being put into headlocks, kicked, turned into a doll, smacked with a fan and preached to about the glory and goodness of life and love until he was ready to puke. As was stated earlier, it takes a lot to harm Xellos’ considerable pride. Rather like trying to pop the Good Year Blimp with a bee sting. He is very self-confident and doesn’t have to rely on anyone telling him he’s awesome to feel good about himself. He just knows he is.

He does have a few people that he becomes personally interested in, though perhaps it is safe to say that his interest stems more from curiosity, how easy they are to piss off, and sometimes even grudging respect, rather than actually liking them. It takes a great deal to earn the monsters actual respect. Xellos is highly arrogant, and anything that isn’t his master or the Lord of Nightmares is more or less either treated with apathy, or is looked down upon in some form or another. Though Almayce gained his utmost concern (Immune to his attacks as he was), most others, even monster lords (Or in Gaav’s case, former lords) tend towards either the aforementioned apathy or inferiority. His respect for Hellmaster merely came from him first of all being ordered to obey him by his master, and second from his own sense of self preservation. One does not piss off the being that can painfully unmake you as quickly or as slowly as he likes. Xellos never actually liked being told to obey Hellmaster, and probably never much liked Hellmaster or his plans either. In fact, he will often assist the very party that he is supposed to be hindering, as long as there were no direct orders against doing so. Xellos adores exploiting loopholes, and will often play every side of the field to his greatest benefit. If his master gives him enough wiggle room, he will happily work for every possible player in the game, moving from helping Lina, to stealing shit from Lina, to saving Lina all in the same season. He even assisted the very being that the gang had originally been fighting, only to betray everyone and attempt to fuck them all over. Which… he kind of did, nabbing the ancient artifact they were all after and running off with it.

Needless to say, it takes a very special person to either gain the monsters respect… or enough of his ire to actually go out of his way to make your life hell. While Lina was highly intelligent and powerful with a hair trigger, she also acknowledged Xellos’ abilities, and thus they mutually have at least some form of respect for the other. In fact, it is because of this power and hair trigger that he tends to like following her, enjoying the chaos that Lina usually sows where ever she goes. Filia however, is still alive mostly because he has no reason to kill her, dislikes fighting as it is… and she gives him long, mirthful hours of entertainment as he personally takes time out of his day to make sure she is as angry as possible. The dragon did herself no favors, calling him garbage, openly insulting his master and him, arguing with everything he said and trying to muck up every good plan he had. He simply had no choice but to make her miserable right back and one can be assured that if given enough reason, he will gleefully do this to anyone else.

Xellos does have a few things that he personally cannot stand, perhaps even fears on a certain level. He dislikes lying, and has actually admitted that he likes to refrain from it as much as possible. It seems he also doesn’t enjoy it when other parties lie… at least when it negatively impacts his own current plans. He’s also not terribly fond of bold faced rudeness towards him (FILIA). While he will obey his master without question, he hardly enjoys being told what to do, or being treated like any other lackey, and has subtly threatened the last person who attempted to order him around. It seems the only reason he puts up with it from Lina is because both of them are aware that both parties are capable of destroying the other. What he actually seems to fear though, is being helpless. There is only one point in the anime where he seemed genuinely frightened, and that was when Almayce came. His own magic and abilities, so potent in this world, would do nothing to him, and in turn Almayce was perfectly capable of wiping Xellos out without even having to try. While he will accept death should his master wish it, the idea of being killed by anyone outside of his world seemed to be actually terrifying.

Xellos clearly has a bit of difficulty fully acting human. While he can get down the basics, the appearance, and the sound and to an extent, the reactions, when a situation turns more extreme his true colors start to shine through. When Lina and the gang stepped into a purportedly haunted tower, and actually found haunted dolls way the hell all over the place, Xellos’s reaction was to… make the situation worse and scare the shit out of everyone… just for the giggles. The reawakening of an ancient, giant train that would plow through several towns before it came to a stop just made him laugh, before commenting that he really had to get going, and promptly teleporting out. Even getting his ass kicked by Gaav, his arm blasted off and clearly in a great deal of pain, Xellos was still mocking and utterly defiant. It seems he is incapable of really understanding typical human emotions, for as much as he feeds off of them. He isn’t really immoral as much as he is amoral, with only a cursory understanding of human morality, and adhering to a code of ethics that really mostly benefits him in the end. While Xellos has saved people with no apparent reward for himself in the end, it’s very difficult to say just why he did it. It could be said that it was merely for the sake of something to do, or perhaps he has become somewhat attached to humanity (considering all the times he has actually helped save people more than kill them). Of course, asking Xellos this question will get one nowhere.

In the end, Xellos is a highly complex creature, whose words and actions often contradict each other. The only ‘side’ he is loyal to is his own, personal side, and his motives and desires are more often than not completely indecipherable. He will say he wants to help, while simultaneously impeding all efforts to complete the task. He will stop what he is doing to rescue someone, even while he claims that there is no reason for him to do so. And he will never explain himself. Because that would take all the fun out of it.

Backstory: Xellos was created primarily for a war. That's pretty much it. He was made to combat the dragons, the envoys of the gods, and was given twice as much power as the usual monstrous minion would typically be given. Usually, a monster lord made a general and a priest, and split their power evenly between them. However, in Zelas's case, she created one underling, Xellos, from a fraction of her own physical being and blessed him with double the strength either a general or a priest would have. Effectively, Xellos is both general and priest to Beastmaster Zelas.

Shortly after being created, Xellos was sent out to do what he was made for: Exterminate the enemy. Singlehandedly, he wiped out an entire clan of golden dragons, and went on to kill far more than that all in the name of his mistress.

This carried on for a few centuries until the end of the war, when the monsters were finally forced back and retreated to their home worlds. Xellos, however, was left on the front line to continue to mess with the will of the gods. Zelas sent him on a one thousand year long mission to destroy any and all manuscripts of the claire bible that existed, in order to keep them out of the hands of humans and dragons alike. After all, the claire bible contained information that could possibly lead to the creation of a spell or a weapon that could destroy a monster in one hit, and they certainly didn't want that to happen.

And so for about one thousand years, Xellos wandered the lands, destroying bible manuscripts where ever he went and generally being a big fat pain in the ass to everyone, when he ran into the wrong/right group of people. Actually, he was under the orders of Hellmaster at this time, though still continuing to do his usual job of destroying manuscripts, and had been ordered by the monster lord to keep an eye on these particular humans, Lina and the Gang. So really it only looked like an accident that he'd run into them. Through out the course of a year, he used Lina to destroy more manuscripts, hunt out possible new ones, and kill some old enemies, before eventually leading her right into one of Hellmasters traps. But that happened after, and only after he'd allowed her the right to read the one true claire bible and learn possibly the most powerful spell ever to be bestowed upon a human.

It was all in Hellmasters plan for her to learn this attack, so that she might be used as a conduit for a world destroying force. However, instead of destroying all of reality, this force used her to destroy Hellmaster himself, and simply restored Lina to her body.

None of this bothered Xellos at all and he happily went back to his usual job of blowing up claire bibles and working for Zelas again. In the following year, he used Lina to stop the world from coming to an end, by helping her find a series of mysterious weapons and put them to use against a force not of their own universe. It's a long and convoluted tale that involves a great deal more backstabbing and manipulation, but it ends with Xellos managing to get his way in the end and prevent the entire world from crumbling to pieces around him.

Moral Standing: Xellos is all over the board on this one. It's fair to say he is never actually 'good', somewhere between neutral and evil seems to be where he hovers.

Dreams: Xellos's goals are about as mysterious as the priest himself. While most monsters want the world and the universe reduced to the Sea of Chaos that it once was, Xellos himself does many things to counteract this species-wide need.

Fears: Xellos only truly fears being undone. He likes existing, and while he may put himself in harms way to complete a task, he has become fearful of creatures that he has no hope of battling.

Extra: Extra: Xellos is exceedingly powerful, though most of the time will run from a fight rather than actually fight it. Monsters also operate under a weird code of ethics where they will actually refrain from using the majority of their strongest powers against an opponent. Doing so would be admitting they are too weak to handle them on a more fair level, thus hurting their ego, which in turn, can actually physically harm a monster. It acts almost as a power cap, ensuring that Xellos will not, in fact, immediately obliterate anyone if pushed to anger.

There is some debate over whether or not monsters can feel certain feelings. Pure positive feelings, such as joy, love and hope can actually cause a monster some degree of harm. Xellos has been seen getting physically ill in the show due to speeches of love, hope and peace. Since he feeds on negative emotions such as fear, hatred and anger, this is probably on the same level as indigestion or food poisoning. It stands to reason that Xellos, because of his species, is physically incapable of feeling things such as pure unbridled joy and love, and has no concept himself of the feelings. They are completely alien to him.

Everything on Xellos, with the exception of the things he carries in his satchel, is a part of him. Xellos’s human body is just a physical projection from the astral plane, as he cannot exist entirely on the physical plane of existence. A magical spell that is of a greater power than he can do serious damage to him, but they have to be massively powerful black magic spells. Physical attacks tend not to actually phase him (though he loves to pretend they do).

He can’t cook to save his hide. Literally, he can’t, his last efforts to do so got him turned into a doll for a short period of time. Do NOT leave him alone in a kitchen. Only tears will come.

Character Location: Xellos is a homeless hobo man no location for him.
Samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJBcD1U5iqs
Writing Sample: http://ink-city.dreamwidth.org/464320.html#comments
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